Art Classes and Courses in Sandton, Johannesburg

Spring 2017

The Beeline Art Studio was renamed The Fine Arts Workshop in May 2018. Operating from a fully-equipped studio in Sandton (Johannesburg),  The Fine Arts Workshop
offers Oil Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Mixed Media with an Art History component. Located in a tranquil environment, the workshop provides the ideal setting for a creative and rewarding experience for artists and beginners alike. Workshops and courses are also offered in Cape Town and Florence, Italy.

Drawing and Painting students have the choice of joining either continuous Open Studio Classes (where each student works on their own art works with my guidance) or structured  Drawing, Oil Painting, Sculpture Courses and Intermediate Courses in Italy .
The days, venue and times of lessons for January 2019 to July 2019 are: 

Thought for the month

The artist I have featured in this month’s newsletter is Wolfgang Laib. He is best known for his iconic pollen installations where he sifted pollen, which has been painstakingly collected by hand in the fields near his studio in Germany, onto the floor of a gallery.   Laib has had a life-long connection to nature’s most fundamental materials – pollen and ash. Pollen symbolises the origins of life. Its presence creates an intense energy that the viewer can both see and feel. Laib (a qualified medical doctor) explains that pollen “has an incredible colour which I could never paint, because it is far beyond myself, also much more than myself. It is not a pigment and not a ‘natural’ pigment either, like the sun is not a yellow circle and the sky is not a blue painting.”

There are many lessons one can learn from Laib’s installations. As artists we are encouraged not to ignore the minute or seemingly ordinary – it is precisely these that could be our greatest teachers. Laid also helps us rethink what we would consider to be a ‘valuable’ day’s work. He sits for months collecting pollen, hours sifting into a perfectly measured rectangles and then sweeps it up when the exhibitions are over. The impermanent art work is a transformative, intensely beautiful form for viewers to experience momentarily.


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