Drawing, Oil Painting and Sculpture Courses

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This course is an introduction to figurative work in clay.  It covers the major techniques required in clay work, such as wedging, joining, pinching, coiling, and slabbing as well as the techniques of building a figurative sculpture and the utilization of mark and surface in figurative work. Students will produce a life-size hand and foot in clay and a small scale head in clay.  Students will be guided through exercises in basic anatomy and form of heads, hands and feet.  The classes are supplemented with slide lectures of Art Historical Master’s sculptures as well as contemporary works.

Duration:             4 lessons

Days and Times: Saturday and Sunday 09:00 -15:30

Dates:                   Module 1:  2 & 3 November AND Module 2: 28 & 29 March 2020

Cost:                      R2000 per module (includes clay but excludes firing and sculpture tools).



Foundation Drawing Course

The Fine Arts Studio Foundation Drawing course is designed for all levels of students wanting to learn to draw or improve the basic techniques of figure and object drawing using charcoal, pencil and ink.  Each class has a specific aim designed to teach a progressive build-up of skills while introducing the elements and principles of drawing. The course covers 14 lessons and focuses on proportions of the body, tone, anatomy and contour shading, perspective, mark making and ink brush work. The classes are supplemented with slide lectures of Art Historical Master’s drawings as well as contemporary works.

Duration:                    IN STUDIO: 7 lessons / ONLINE: 4 lessons

Days and Times:       IN STUDIO: Once a week on Saturday mornings 09:30 – 16:00 / ONLINE: Once a week on Tuesdays 09:30 – 13:00

Dates:                           IN STUDIO: 13 June – 25 July / ONLINE: 12 May – 2 June 2020

Fee:                               IN STUDIO: R4500 (includes notes & model fees but excludes materials) / ONLINE: R1100

11. Daumier “Painter at his Easle” 1876


Foundation Oil Painting Course

The Fine Arts Studio Foundation Painting Course focuses on the traditional techniques of painting objects in oil paints. The fundamental elements and principles of painting are taught in this structured course. The lessons are supplemented by slides of Art Historical Master paintings as well as contemporary art works. The course covers measurement proportions, understanding tone, techniques of painting grounds, brushwork, oil painting mediums, colour theory, composition and creating texture through scumbling, glazing and impasto.

Days and Times:      Once a week on Saturday mornings 09:00 – 16:00

Dates:                          Dates for 2020 Pending

Cost:                             R5500 (includes notes, model fees and refreshments but excludes materials)


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