Taryn Millar’s Art Works

35. Re-configfured 3

Re-configure 3 Vinyl sitcker 1600 x 1000 mm

37. Witness

Witness Archival digital print

Taryn Millar Reconfigured 2(detail) 2017 paper cutout on found map 240 x 182

Re-configure 2 Vinyl Sticker 1500 x 800 mm

Taryn Millar Concourse 2017 collage 245 x 305.jpg


Oil paint and mixed media on paper. 2017


“Drive by” ink jet on metal. 4 x 2 m. 2016. Sasol New Signatures Competition



“Head Lines” (Art/Out of The Ordinary Exhibition The AVA Gallery, Cape Town) 2015

After Thought - Room 1

After Thought – Room 1 , 2014

Where The Book Ends 2014

Where the book ends, PArt 14 (Prince Albert Art Fair


Taryn Millar “Where the book ends” PArt 14 2014

Taryn Millar

Taryn Millar “Some of the whole” (detail 20 x 30 mm) pencil on paper 2012


Taryn Millar “Some of the whole ” (detail 20 x 30 mm) 2012

20. Something to write about (detail 2).jpg

Taryn Millar “Something to write about” watercolour on paper,¬†2015

Taryn Millar Untilted (table and chair)

Taryn Millar “Untitled (table and chair) watercolour 2012

Taryn Millar Oil Pastel Oil On Canvas 2004

Taryn Millar
Oil Pastel
Oil On Canvas

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